Drawing and Paper Cut

Installations & Exhibitions

Inspired by Museum Collections

Go with the Flo: Light Air Water essences

Drawings created by NHS staff  in creative wellbeing workshops  inspired three sculptural drawings that are described as ‘essences’ of the themes of air, light and water which were key to Florence Nightingale’s understanding of the principals of good health . These works will be exhibited as part of the ‘Unity’ exhibition at Royal Derby Hospital from Spring 2021 until Autumn 2021, and then on permanent exhibition at Fleet Arts.

Royal Derby Hospital  Spring 2021 –Autumn 2021

Permanent Collection at Fleet Arts.


Harlequin's Dream

Autumn 2021

Permanent Collection at Pickfords House Museum.

Original designs for wall installations inspired by the Toy Theatre Collection, to be part of a new permanent gallery at Pickfords House Museum. This permanent exhibition installation will now be opening in August 2022


Derby Museum & Art Gallery  Feb 2019 –May 2019

'Orrery Eyes' in the Permanent Collection in the Joseph Wright Study Centre, Derby Museum.

A contemporary response to ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’: A Life in Drawing, a Royal Collections Trust exhibition. Series of large evolved figurative forms drawn directly onto the gallery walls with an interactive element for the audience. Inspired by Leonardo’s anatomical drawings and objects from Derby Museums’ collections.


Anatomical Illusions

Royal Derby Hospital  Oct 2018 – March 2019

Selected works on permanent display, Royal Derby Hospital.

Series of drawings inspired by the anatomical models belonging to Royal Derby Hospital’s Library service. Intricate works that use mirrors to explore pattern and form and reveal the fragility of the human body.


Still Spirits

Manchester Museum  May 2018 – July 2018

Eerie cephalopod forms drawn in response to the spirit collection. The forms have an ambiguous relationship to the humans they are in close proximity too, it is not clear if the forms are harming or nurturing them. The work has a context of exploring the concept of the consciousness of cephalopods.


Humble Giants

London Road Community Hospital  September 2017 – March 2018

Research drawings for ‘Still Spirits’ inspired by the Blaschka models from Wollaton Hall’s collection.


Buxton Museum & Art Gallery  March 2011 – May 2011

Large scale drawings inspired by the skeletal collection exploring the nurturing relationship between a human and protective ‘womb’ creature.



Haslemere Museum 2010

Drawings celebrating the magic and fear of the female form inspired by the antler specimens in the collection.



Creswell Crags Museum 2010

The first exhibition following he opening of the new museum in 2009. The work examines the role of vultures in our ecosystems and human’s relationships through history with these birds.


Experimental Paper cut installations 


2019- 2020

These experimental pieces are inspired by a fusion of cathedral architecture, insects and questions over the future of relationships between humans and the natural world. Both ink and scalpel lines work together to create unusual forms. These ‘experiments’ have underpinned they way in which the drawing practice has evolved from 2d to 3d and has informed current and future installations.

Illustrations & Other Works

Colour Me, Read Me

University of Derby & Burton Hospitals Trust

Published works

Illustrations designed to be coloured and inspired by poetry created by NHS staff (2020)

and to accompany poems created by The Ashbourne Writers Group (2019).

Part of the ‘Colour Me, Read Me’ publication, with the 2020 edition a part of the ‘Florence Nightingale’ Exhibition at Pickfords House Museum.

Ragnar & The Ravens

Details from a Norse mythology inspired shield