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Drawing and Paper Cut

Installations & Exhibitions

Choral Forest

2021- 2022

 A 'Choral Forest' will be five large scale installations that will be an integral part of performances which are inspired by NHS staff images and words of their experiences of the Covid-19 pandemic. The project is being launched at Derby Cathedral , in 2022 and will then be a touring exhibition before being installed permanently at five separate hospital sites. I am working with sculptor Miles Halpin on this Air Arts project. Miles has hand cutt the trees to my design before I added in the drawing and paper-cut layers. The works have now been installed at Derby Cathedral in preparation for an event, celebrating the NHS and will then move to Lichfield Cathedral. More details of this can be found in the news section.

Choral Forest

Earthbound Project

July 2022

Earthbound Logo.PNG

The exhibition is opened on July 17th at Wirksworth Stone Centre. Here is a lovely poster of the exhibition and a few of the final designs of my Earthbound beings. 

To find out more about this exciting project, click HERE


Poster designed by Bernie Rutter

Inspired by Museum Collections
Harlequin's Dream

Harlequin's Dream

Autumn 2021

Permanent Collection at Pickfords House Museum.

Original designs for wall installations inspired by the Toy Theatre Collection, to be part of a new permanent gallery at Pickfords House Museum. This permanent exhibition installation will now be opening in August 2022

King & Queen of the Orchard –
The English Wine Project

November 2021

An unusual exhibition type,  from the Autumn 2021 the intricate drawings inspired by ancient orchards, and the relationship of humans and the earth can be seen on the labels of The English Wine Project’s new cider products. The award winning company also  manages the vineyard at Renishaw Hall & Gardens. You can see these on their website at

King & Queen of the Orchard
Spiral of Life Drawing

ICU 'Spiral of Life'- Drawings

Spring 2023

HRH Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester unveiled a drawing design for a new proposed mural for the Intensive Care Unit Patient Garden at Royal Derby Hospital. The new work which will be created in Spring is inspired by the strength of the staff at the ICU unit throughout the Covid -19 pandemic and the hope of the NHS. The design depicts a surreal tree which is part ram, the symbol of the city of Derby and features the peregrines of Derby Cathedral and a double rainbow of wild iris flowers.

Walking through the woods and The Spiral of Life: original and new drawings for the ICU Patient Garden at Royal Derby Hospital are re displayed on Level 2.

For more information, visit the Forthcoming Exhibitions section on this mural project.