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I am overwhelmed to be invited to be part of The Earthbound project, a fascinating project which explores the connections of humanity and the earth, through the past, present and future. The project is led by acclaimed photography Artist Kate Bellis and together with sculptor Sally Matthews and photographer Alex Hyde, I will be creating work that is inspired by the earth of the quarries at The National Stone Centre and the other Artist’s work. The project has The Natural History Museum and Longcliffe Quarries as partners. In particular, my work will focus on creating two large scale earthbound beings which symbolize the many layered and complex relationships between humanity and the earth. The project launched in July 2022 and will travel to a number of exhibition locations in the UK.

“EarthBound will hopefully make us think a little more about the hidden story written in our rocks and the earth under our feet, the life there now and in the layered history of rock and earth, above and below, how we are all connected to this continuing story. We are all EarthBound.” (quote from Earthbound project website)

Earthbound Blog

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