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Earthbound Blog #2 - Mid/Late March 2022

When I worked on the first concept of the adult Earthbound being,I felt that the being’s connection to the auroch and other animals could be symbolised by horns and hooves. However, although they looked powerful once drawn they fought against the nurturing feel of the Earthbound being. I also felt that I needed to work more on the face, that it was really important, that what I needed to do next was work on this aspect, so I did. This time the being’s hair is created by hundred’s of mycelium, slices of crinoids twinkle amongst them, are they stars or flowers?

I’m fascinated by moths and caterpillars, and the fossil photographs of Alex Hyde, to me some of the fossils were like caterpillars and also resembled some of Maria Sibylla Merian’s studies of caterpillars too. It felt right that these should be present within the being, strengthening the links of the being to the earth. It also symbolizes that ever flowing circle of life.

The death head moth was inspired by Alex Hyde’s photographs of the collection at Derby Museum & Art Gallery.

Next up is the long awaited visits to the see the Hoe- Grange Cave finds, and my thoughts are turning to the juvenile being- which I now see as integral to the adult being not separated. Also the slight puzzle (which I am slowly solving) about how they will be best exhibited. In the past I’ve been so busy focussing on the work I’m doing, I almost forget about how they will be presented. This is so important and it’s like a guessing game seeing how it will resolve.

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