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The Earthbound Project

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Honoured to be commissioned to be part of ‘The EarthBound Project’ “The story of connected life through Rock, Earth and Community. This is an incredible project with The Natural History Museum as a supporting partner. Huge thanks to acclaimed photographer Kate Bellis for inviting me to create an “Earthbound being” which will be featured in massive touring exhibition, joining Kate’s work and the beautiful work of photographer Alex Hyde and sculptor Sally Matthews. The commission is for two Earthbound figures, an adult and a juvenile. Tingling with excitement and joy to be part of this journey, to be inspired by these Artists work, by the landscape, by humanity and by what is ‘in the earth’.

“Earthbound will take us through the hidden layered worlds of bedrock and earth, to pull us up into the light and to look back at our own human story of life on the surface.”

Photo credit: Nicker Killer talking with the bullocks on old Bolehill mine spoil heap “ by Kate Bellis

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