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Forthcoming Exhibitions & Installations

Spira of Life Mural

Visual Literacy: Dermatology & The Joseph Wright Collection

New Project with Nottingham University Medical School & Derby Museums

2021- 2023

Spring 2021 saw the beginnings of a new project looking at the treatment of skin in fine art collections with a view to expanding clinical practitioners observation. Focusing on The Joseph Wright Collection in particular, the project will explore and experiment, using drawing approaches to rethink the way human skin and anatomy can be observed.

It is an honour to be able to say the Royal College of Physicians Museum are involved with this Air Arts project. The astonishing collection of anatomical tables in addition to other objects will be the focus of new workshops with medical students in 2023. Alongside the works of Joseph Wright and the UHDB Medical Museum collection, their collections will inspired new large scale works which I will create for a forthcoming exhibition in 2024/2025, details to follow.

Anatomical Table images courtesy of the Royal College of Physicians Museum

In ICU Patient Garden - New Air Arts mural project: Spiral of Life

Spring 2023

Delighted to say that Hardwick Hall, The National Trust are supporting this work. The extensive new designs that will connect the new 'Spiral of Life' tree to the original murals and have been inspired by the natural history in the textile collections and developed with the Curator at Hardwick Hall. (Images coming soon)

Air Arts: A Choral Forest Book


 As part of the 75th anniversary of the NHS celebrations, the original drawings for the Choral Forest trees, created for performances inspired by NHS staff's covid -19 experiences , are being re imagined  for a commemorative book, working with Graphic Designer Lindsay Pilkington.

Kings Treatment Centre: Inner River

2021- 2022

Here are some of the initial designs and works in progress for "Inner River" for The Kings Treatment Centre’s courtyard. The drawing, which is inspired by the water in the landscape and the taxidermy collection at Kedleston Hall, The National Trust, is the first step towards the final works. Work is commencing on the mural  and will be my largest work to date at 40’. Derbyshire Wildlife Trust are also working with me on this project which aims to create mural work based on the river Derwent which will enable the viewer to feel they are part of the river, moving in it.

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